by Théâtre à Tempo


Photo: Emmanuel Burriel

Camping means vacations! Above all, it’s a place to relax and let nature take over. This micro-society imposes proximity, but it’s also unifying and festive! Théâtre à Tempo revives the memories and stereotypes of camping that have marked generations. A plethora of colorful characters evolve in this particular universe, where some seize the stage to exercise their acrobatic prowess, while others make us laugh and touch us with their theatrical performance. And camping would be nothing without music! Enjoy the fun and nostalgia! Join the party!

Théâtre à Tempo‘s mandate is to create and produce shows combining different art forms. Music, rhythm and movement (through dance, circus, percussive dance or physical theater) are integrated into each of the company’s productions. Comic and clownish situations are at the heart of the writing in these shows, which are recognized for their ability to reach a wide audience through their different levels of readability. The company’s productions (“La Grande Étude”, “Swing Station”, “L’Oubliette”, “Concerto de bruits qui courent” and “Camping”) have been performed across Canada, Europe and Asia since 2008.

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