Festival du Monde Arabe presents

Persia Belongs to Us All

Golshan Ensemble explores the influences and borrowings that have permeated Persian music throughout the ages in this provocatively named show.

For centuries, Persian artists have been feeding the soul of Arabic music, imbuing it with their distinctive genius. Arab composers eagerly adopted the modes and structures of Persia’s fascinating and sophisticated musical traditions while continuing to develop and perfect them. Persians were equally receptive, absorbing Arabic influences that helped elevate their own compositions.

Throughout the ages, the two great rivers of Arabic and Persian music have flowed side by side and across each other, from Asia to Turkey to Andalusia, bringing the beautiful Persian oud, the Arabic daf drum and the haunting ney, the reed flute that accompanies the rituals of Konya’s whirling dervishes.

No matter the musical tradition—Kurdish, Azeri, Turkmen, Balochi, Bakhtiari, Indian, Arabic or Arabo-Andalusian—the heart of Persia beats within each note.

This beauty and refinement will be on full display as the Golshan Ensemble takes to the stage, with the powerful vocals of Habib Hoseini, Maryam Tazhdeh on the tar, Ziya Tabassian on the tombak, Hamed Vatankhah on the oud and Saeed Kamjoo on the kamancheh. It will be a musical event that plumbs the depths of the soul, revealing every nuance of the human experience.

Audiences will be seized with emotion as they take in the full breadth of this Eastern musical landscape, from its dark storms to its brilliant sunrises, from devastating heartbreak to irrepressible joy, in this truly inspiring performance.

Cinquième Salle
Wednesday, November 1, 2023 at 8:00pm

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