Les années Cat Stevens

This show is a ‘tribute’ entirely dedicated to Cat Stevens songs. On stage lead singer Pierre Trepanier is accompanied by two outstanding musicians and friends, Alain Couture and Martin Lessard. It is an acoustic show with strong vocal harmonies where the voice is supported by acoustic guitars, piano, bass, percussions and flute traversiere.

Pierre Trepanier who is the lead singer feels it is very important to keep the original colour of the artist but at the same time adding a personal touch. ‘Les Années Cat Stevens’ is a unique tribute to the work and life of this icon with sensitive interpretations and relevant narrations.

The staging of the show is sober. The lighting is used in a way to make you feel that you are invited into a cosy living room where the beauty of the melodies and lyrics touch the heart and soul of the spectators and transport you with your memories of forgotten songs and rediscover old classics.

Finally, the ultimate goal of the show is to make you ‘feel good’ and share music and songs from a world famous artist who was inducted in 2014 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

To purchase your tickets visit: www.espacestdenis.com