Bourgie Hall presents

Landline – Improvised Music and Visual Arts

Landline is a multidisciplinary event at the crossroads of composition, improvisation, and live painting. Inspired by the surrealist concept of an “exquisite corpse,” this event’s collaboratively composed repertoire is performed while visual artists create and respond in situ, rotating canvases throughout the performance. An installation in which spectators are free to choose their viewpoint, circulate, leave and return at their convenience, allowing them to observe the evolution of the works in real time.

Chet Doxas, saxophone
Jacob Sacks, piano
Zack Lober, double bass
Vinnie Sperrazza, drums
Micah Frank, sound installation

Kezna Dalz

Is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. We recognize her work by he raw features and bright colors. The recurring themes addressed are feminism, the fight against racism, popular culture as well as the relationship to sexuality. She sometimes tackles difficult subjects, making them accessible through a pastel and soft universe with naive features.


Sfiya is a self-taught visual artist of Moroccan origin. She immigrated to Quebec in 2016 and worked as an interior designer and book illustrator before focusing fully on her artistic career. Sfiya is part of a new wave of committed artists working for the cultural decolonization of the communities they come from.

Diane Roe

Diane Roe is a multidisciplinary artist residing in the city of Montreal. After graduating from Concordia University with a BFA in 2017, she has made it her mission through her practice to create meaningful experiences through mark making, shapes, textures, and vibrant colorful composition. She is heavily influenced by the urban vibrant cityscape, in contrast with Quebec’s beautiful nature and landscapes. Diane is currently researching markings made digitally, manually, and environmentally.

Kate Walker

Kate Walker was born in 1975 in Montreal. She obtained a BFA in painting and Drawing and an MA in art education from Concordia University. Kate has had several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in Montreal and Québec. She has been teaching in cultural institutions and schools since 2004.

Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 1:00pm
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