After “The Elephant in the Room”, Cirque Le Roux presents its second chapter: “A Deer in the Headlights – La Nuit du Cerf”.  

This original creation pulls from French New Wave, American grindhouse and 70’s independent cinema to tell a story of a family, loss and life through an eccentric and comical intrigue. 

Miss Betty has died… Her three children gather at their rural family home in order to prepare for her funeral.  However, the arrival of a mysterious stranger tips the scale and the newly reunited family is thrown into chaos.

“A Deer in the Headlights” features a gallery of surprising, charismatic, funny and flamboyant characters.  A work which highlights the singularity, fragility and tenderness of all human relations. 

Six virtuosi circus artists perform handstands, hand to hand, banquine, acrobatics and tight-wire acts, blending physical risk with emotional depth and humor.

“A Deer in the Headlights” is an homage to cinema, contemporary circus, and to the human condition, with all its comedy, awkwardness and splendor.

Cirque Le Roux is a French circus company, based in New Aquitaine, founded in 2014, signing cinematic and high-flying works in tragi-comic and dreamlike atmospheres. Its four founders, Lolita Costet, Grégory Arsenal, Philip Rosenberg and Yannick Thomas, create in 2015 The Elephant in the Room, a delightfully retro crazy circus comedy, which has been performed more than 400 times around the world. With this show Cirque Le Roux received the Total Theater Award nomination and the Guichet Fermé award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015, and was awarded the Étoile du Parisien in 2017. In 2019, Cirque Le Roux is embarking on a second “cine-cirque” work that can be seen as a sequel to the first show, thirty-five years later. La Nuit du Cerf has already played more than 150 times in the regions, in France and in Europe. This creation has been nominated for the Molière 2020 for the best Visual Creation and has been broadcast on Culture Box.

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