Over looking Lac Superieur and Tremblant’s North Side, Carlo Rinomato opens a new phase of his unique country homes

Carlo Rinomato built his family’s drywall business in Toronto to be one of the largest in Ontario, arguably the biggest residential and commercial construction market in Canada. And while there are significant financial rewards, Carlo’s artistic interests were unfulfilled. “I used to spend summers with my grandparents in Italy. Their home and town overlooked the Adriatic, and you couldn’t help but develop a love nature, and recognize that we were actually living in art.” Italians are famous for their sense of design; from fashion to architecture; and Carlo began to contemplate incorporating art into his homebuilding activities.

Carlo Rinomato

Carlo Rinomato is the visionary developer behind the Carlo Rinomato Made In Italy branded homes

“In 1997, I designed a 3,000 square foot open concept house with Italian design principles. These Santa Cruz Villas with extensive use of glass walls were unique, and some industry observers questioned if they would be marketable. That question was quickly answered when we sold all six homes in two weekends. We had created something different… houses that had a brand identity in addition to unique designs that our buyers loved!”

It would be a family vacation that brought Carlo to Mont Tremblant as a tourist and then to return quickly as a visionary businessman.

“In 2003, we came to Tremblant on a family ski vacation. I loved everything about the area and its natural splendour.” Developed to replicate a mountain village in the French Alps, Mont Tremblant and its village has become a year-round holiday destination, one that has attracted Hollywood stars to become homeowners. Always the entrepreneur, and with a desire to build a home for his family in the area; Carlo began asking about parcels of land that might be for sale. Luck would have it that a family owned tract of land at the top of Mont Blanc could be for sale. The property had been in the same family for hundreds of years, and the owner was impressed by Carlo’s respect for family tradition and his desire to construct a home for his family.

Using the same, now proven, architectural principles used in the Santa Cruz Villas, the now famous Glass House was built at the top of Mont Blanc. The extensive use of glass walls has the effect of bringing the surrounding natural beauty into the living space. The views from inside the home are spectacular.

Subsequently, Carlo has continued to acquire land in the area, and after two years of planning, designing and acquiring permits, the unique Made In Italy modern country homes will be built in the Chemin du Refuge development at the top of a mountain overlooking Lac Superieur on Tremblant’s North Side.

Carlo Rinomato - Made In Italy homes

Glass walls open the living space to the surrounding nature

There are six home designs to choose from amongst the 9 properties in Chemin du Refuge; which Carlo refers to as a ‘pieces of art’ created by Italian architect Filippo Priori. “Every design has natural elements of wood and stone, which are then streamlined into a beautiful and functional home. Each home-site is one acre, and using the philosophy of world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, we situated the homes to take advantage of the views and natural topography. We would literally climb a tree or use a ladder to determine what the view would be like from the living room or master bedroom and so on. We are continually asking ourselves and design partners; ‘How can we make this better?”

Completing the team, local builder Donald Provost Construction with over 20 years of building homes in the Mont Tremblant area, has been engaged to construct the homes. The company is renowned for their quality craftsmanship; and Michel Voyer is the on-site project Manager. The spacious homes range in size from 1872 sq. ft. to an immense 4405 sq. ft. Prices start at $600,000 and go to $1.4 million.

In addition to being a place to live, any home purchase is also an investment. The properties have all the ingredients needed for a legacy investment. Location: Mountain top one acre lots ensure privacy and scenic views; within minutes of the most popular ski destination in Eastern North America, as witnessed by the number of Hollywood actors who own residences. Superior branded architectural design. A builder of uncompromising quality and reputation.

In an age when branding has become a key marketing component, Carlo Rinomato Made In Italy homes are ahead of their contemporaries in the home building sector. “You’ve got to be different and you’ve got to provide outstanding service. I put our customers’ needs before ours – and ultimately we look after our company when we meet and exceed customer expectations.”

For more information about Chemin de Refuge and Carlo Rinomato Made In Italy homes, please call:  Ian Michaels, Sales and Marketing Carlo Rinomato Made in Italy: 647-554-9136; Gilda Breda, VP of Operations Carlo Rinomato Made in Italy: 416-520-3372 or Michel Voyer, Construction Donald Provost Inc.: 1-819-425-0801. The company’s website is: www.carlorinomato.com or www.designgeneration.ca