Centaur Theatre presents

Paul Looks for Happiness

A warm-hearted and uplifting new bilingual children’s musical.

No one can define happiness – if you’re happy you just know it! In this bilingual show, Paul looks for happiness with his creative friends, through music, dance and stories.

Created by Dr. Paul Rossy and featuring ten of his original children’s songs, this two-part musical play aims to teach young people about happiness through participation in various art forms. An extraordinary team of animators, puppeteers, musicians, and dancers all showcase their unique talents while animating stories and songs about happiness, offering children a glimpse at the life-giving power of the arts.

“I hope the show encourages children to participate in the arts, whether through acting, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or story-telling, as a means to living happy, fulfilling lives.”  – Dr. Paul Rossy

“Paul (Rossy)’s belief in the power of theatre and music to offer children a hopeful view of the world is both unique and inspiring. We look forward to welcoming him and his exciting line up of artists and musicians to Centaur later this month.” – Eda Holmes, Artistic and Executive Director, Centaur Theatre Company 

Saturday, March 18th at 4pm and Sunday, March 19th at 2pm

To purchase your tickets visit: www.centaurtheatre.com

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