Bourgie Hall presents

The Trio d’Argent and Diana Syrse – Inexpressible!

The Trio d’Argent and Diana Syrse invite you to be immersed in the ethereal sounds of flute and voice. Several composers explore, each in their own way, the fascinating space between the world of the intelligible and that of mysterious or imaginary languages.

Diana Syrse, voice

Diana Syrse is a composer and singer from Mexico. Her music is characterized by a mixture of sounds that shape an energy that on occasions is inspired by a musical dramaturgy of a text or concept. She is particularly drawn by current issues of social relevance as well as musical chronicles of her daily life. As a musician she also enjoys combining acoustic instruments with electronics and sometimes she uses her own voice or pre-Hispanic instruments to produce new urban soundscapes

The Trio d’Argent
François Daudin Clavaud, flutes
Xavier Saint-Bonnet, flutes
Michel Boizot, flutes

Gualtiero DAZZI La forza del passato 
Diana SYRSE Una plaga de fantasia 
Thierry Pécou Pour un rituel imaginaire
Mégueso – O’Banaki
Nebi – O’Banaki
Awan – O’Banaki
Ya nigawé – O’Banaki
L’aigle blessé – O’Banaki

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 7:30pm

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