Festival Quartiers Danses presents

Margie Gillis – The Pull of the Seasons

In this new vivacious, mischievous, and light-hearted piece, choreographer Margie Gillis celebrates nature, in a heartfelt appeal to her native Quebec origins, where each season is more spirited and dazzling than the next. Although the “Belle Province” is ever present in this piece, the choreographer was also inspired by Hawaii. On the Hawaiian Islands, Nature is Queen, the mother of every living thing and the symbol of life. The piece is inspired by the legend of Pélé, the spirited goddess of volcanoes, dance and fire who created the Islands. Following Pélé depiction, and in turns happy, quick-tempered, fragile, formidable, incongruous, and treasured, Nature is personified by 10 dancers parading on stage to offer a sensitive and shimmering panorama. In this piece, Margie Gillis’ long-time friend and collaborator, Rhiannon, loans her voice to the bodies’ movements on stage.

An all-dimensional ode to life and Nature, where humour meets boldness in a touching danced portrait.

“The seasons have always been a living part of me, and they inspire me greatly. The piece was born from a vision where seasons are personified. I created movement sequences and short scenarios, and artists improvised from there. Rhiannon and I have created an organic sound landscape, where laughter meets tears and deep discoveries. It is an ode to Pina Bausch, Martha Clarke or Paul Taylor. Basically, this piece is a cacophonic cocreation with a talented team.” – Margie Gillis 

Les Grands Ballets’ Studio-Théâtre de l’Édifice Wilder
Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 7:30pm

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The FQD celebrates its 20th anniversary with a local, national and international edition

For its 20th edition, the Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) presents 20 indoors performances from September 7 to 18, 2022! With 6 international companies and 11 local companies, the performances will be presented at Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts, at Salle Bourgie of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and at the Studio-Théâtre des Grands Ballets Canadiens / Wilder Building.

For a 4th consecutive year, this 20th edition of FQD is dedicated to women by bringing together 10 women choreographers out of the 17 national and international choreographers invited. Moreover, the FQD is honored to have as co-spokespersons for its 20th edition the two renowned dance artists Margie Gillis and Anik Bissonnette.