Orientalys is a free festival fully devoted to the meeting of Eastern and Western cultures, celebrating a diverse, avant‐garde and open-minded Montreal.

Every year in summer, the Old Port moves to the beat of bold fusions and original shows crossing three continents from North Africa to China, by way of Spain, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Cambodia, India and Japan as well as many other Eastern countries! Performances, workshops, animations, exhibitions and activities for children and adults are on the program each year – all around a veritable Oriental Medina!

In this place of sharing and exchanging, festival-goers can wander around a unique spot, enjoying the benefits of argan oil and soft soap, discovering the atmosphere of gentle evenings under a nomad tent, or negotiating for a distinctive handicraft item. And booths offering fine dishes from around the world will flatter the taste buds of food-lovers.

A vibrant Medina
Be captivated by the buzz of activities in the “Lands of the Orient” space, recalling the effervescence of Middle East neighbourhoods. In a Medina that gives free rein to the imaginations of exhibitors and visitors alike, music, dance, precious fabrics, exotic spices, handicrafts, leather goods, sculptures, traditional costumes and musical instruments embark festival- goers on a journey to far-away lands without leaving the Old Port of Montreal.

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan… Let yourself be carried away…

Every year, for four days and four nights, the Orientalys Médina is ensconced majestically in imperial style, offering a magical ambiance, a riot of colours and images from an Orient that is so far away and yet so close at hand. The Old Port of Montreal is transformed into a Silk Road, crossing continents to reach deep into Asia.

Oriental workshops
Visitors, young and old alike, can enjoy a large space devoted to workshops led by professionals or enthusiasts, with potential vocations certain to take shape! Storytellers, dancers, puppeteers, musicians and artisans will provide free workshops in embroidery, dance, percussions, Oriental tales, board games, fashion, martial arts, languages and other activities!

To see the full schedule of activities and events visit: www.festivalorientalys.com