Holi – Festival of Colours

An unforgettable and unique event – simply out of this world!

Inspired by the ancient tradition of India, this musical color-throw is a fusion of mainstream and Indian music that will submerge you into an exceptional ambiance, full of energy and wonder! Bollywood, Indie, House, Regaetton and many more music beats will be performed by DJs and live bands. You will also enjoy Bhangra, Bollywood, Latin and other dance animations throughout the day and above all – go wild during the color-throw at the big concert. An experience like no other!

The color-throw means the sharing of joy and love. A unique opportunity to have fun when at a given signal everyone starts gently throwing colored powder at each other! Bring your kids, friends and loved ones, or make new friends at this unique concert!

In addition to the concert and color-throw, you will enjoy Indian food, shop at the South Asian bazaar where you could get Indian souvenirs, traditional dishes called “thalis”, clothes, henna tattoos, and much more! You can also explore the children’s area with its bouncy castles, games and other activities.

Saturday, August 13th, 12pm to 10pm

The color-throw can take place at anytime within the festival grounds, but it will be done COLLECTIVELY every hour on the hour starting at 2PM (2PM, 3PM, 4PM, etc).

For more information on the Holi – Festival of Colours event and to purchase your tickets visit: www.holimontreal.com

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