Anguilla is a country steeped in history and rich culture. A significant part of that culture includes unique art. Whether it be carvings, paintings, or music, Anguillian art reflects the lively, yet laid-back lifestyle found on the island. There are several art galleries throughout Anguilla, each showcasing art as beautiful as the island. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss — both the art and the island!

Many truly magnificent artists reside in Anguilla. During your next visit to the island, take an afternoon off from lounging on the beach and check out the local art scene. After all, what makes for a better souvenir than a piece of original Anguillian art? So, whether you want to take a piece of Anguilla home with you or simply admire the beauty of art, check out the following artists!

Cheddie Richardson

Art and Artists of Anguilla - Cheddie Richardson

Photo: Anguilla Tourist Board

A trip to Anguilla isn’t complete without a visit to Cheddie’s Carving Studio. This one-of-a-kind studio is where you can witness the work of Cheddie Richardson. Cheddie crafts some of the most creatively unique sculptures from the island’s natural material. Working primarily with driftwood, coral, and stone, Cheddie creates vivid depictions of Anguilla’s wildlife. Not many people can transform driftwood into an eel!

Cheddie started creating art in the late 1970s when he was just a young boy. He began his art journey by creating boats out of matchsticks. Since then, he has showcased his work at exhibitions throughout the Caribbean, been featured in several magazines and even presented one of his creations to Queen Elizabeth II during her trip to Anguilla. 

Cheddie’s art captures the natural essence of Anguilla in innovative ways. Visiting his studio is a must-see activity to experience during your trip to Anguilla. He even does custom pieces if you want to bring home a memorable souvenir!

Courtney Devonish

Art and Artists of Anguilla - Courtney Devonish


Courtney Devonish is a Barbados-born artist residing in Anguilla. He has recently celebrated the anniversary of his art gallery, Devonish Art Gallery, which opened in Anguilla 53 years ago. However, opening the gallery wasn’t when Courtney’s art career began. When he was just a kid, he started making models of birds out of clay from a nearby riverbank. Courtney went on to teach clay-making classes and continued to build an international reputation for his wood, stone and clay creations. 

The Devonish Art Gallery is a popular tourist attraction in Anguilla. You’ll definitely want to visit the gallery if you love woodworking art. Courtney has an obvious talent for creating expressive, emotional art through his signature mahogany carvings. The Devonish Art Gallery doesn’t just showcase Courtney’s woodworking and ceramics: it also displays other Caribbean artists. This is the perfect spot to visit if you want to admire the full breadth of Caribbean art!

Lynne Bernbaum

Art and Artists of Anguilla - Art and Artists of Anguilla

Lynne’s “Hat” Series

Capturing the spirit of Anguilla seems to come effortlessly to Lynne Bernbaum. There is no denying Lynne’s talent, and her award-winning style produces beautifully bold paintings. Many of her paintings brilliantly show the extraordinary in the ordinary. Although Lynne is now a well-known figure in Anguilla’s art scene, she hadn’t always called Anguilla home. In the 90s, Lynne moved from Texas to Anguilla after falling in love with the island during a trip to the Caribbean. Just as Lynne fell in love with Anguilla, visitors now fall in love with her paintings!

Bernbaum showcases her art at her gallery in Sandy Ground, the L Bernbaum Art Gallery. Also displayed at her art gallery are paintings from French artist Nathalie Lepine. So, if you have the chance to visit Lynne during your next trip to Anguilla, you should most definitely do so. No one captures the spirit of the island quite like Lynne! Plus, her studio happens to be conveniently located across from many great restaurants, including Elvis’ Beach Bar, so pairing the two spots would make for a great night out!

Beyond these three talented artists, Anguilla is home to many other artists, with galleries around almost every turn! Each gallery is full of unique artwork that is a special part of the Anguillian culture. The postcard-perfect island is as much an ideal destination for beachgoers as it is for art lovers!

About Anguilla
Tucked away in the northern Caribbean, Anguilla is a shy beauty with a warm smile. A slender length of coral and limestone fringed with green, the island is ringed with 33 beaches, considered by savvy travellers and top travel magazines, to be the most beautiful in the world. A fantastic culinary scene, a wide variety of quality accommodations at varying price points, a host of attractions and exciting calendar of festivals make Anguilla an alluring and entrancing destination.