Montreal Baroque Festival

2022 edition – FEMININE CADENCE

This year’s Festival marks its 20th anniversary with a happy return to “normal” and a bold program that pays tribute to women composers and virtuoso performers of the 17th and 18th century.

From June 23rd to 26th, some of the world’s best baroque artists will gather in Montreal to present concerts and a series of special events. Music lovers are invited to enjoy four days of pure musical delight, under the theme of Feminine Cadence that highlights the contribution of women composers and virtuosos from the 17th and 18th century.

Women have always composed and performed music at their peril, but their creative roles have been historically ridiculed, neglected or ignored.

“I reverently consecrate this first opus, which I, as a woman, too rashly bring to light, to the august name of Your Highness, so that….it is protected from the lightning bolts of slander that await it” – Barbara Strozzi

To support themselves as artists during the 17th and 18th centuries, women’s options were limited: taking vows at a nunnery, as did de la Cruz and Cozzolani, or becoming courtesans, as (it is surmised) did Strozzi. Perhaps, like Duarte, they were blessed with the means to establish a fashionable, musical salon, thus avoiding the potential of being struck by lightning or slandered by an unappreciative or scandalized public.

Despite these obstacles, our Festival’s heroines devoted themselves to music and were acknowledged as brilliant composers and virtuoso performers. Their thrilling compositions and achievements will be the highlight of Montreal Baroque 2022.

The Montreal Baroque Festival (MBF) 2022 program 
The colorful baroque event, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, is taking place this year in the Mile-End district. To mark this edition, the MBF announces the participation of the internationally renowned Canadian ensemble Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

The MBF looks forward to the participation of several star soloists, notably: cellist Elinor Frey, violinist Marie Nadeau-Tremblay, sopranos Janelle LucykMyriam LeBlanc, Stéphanie Manias and Ariadne Lih, and flutist Mika Putterman that will pay homage to musical works composed in the baroque period by composers such as Leonora Duarte, Isabella Leonarda, Barbara Strozzi, and others. The famous American tenor, Jeffrey Thompson will also be performing.

Musical ensembles such as Autour de la flûte, Les Boréades, Les Jardins Chorégraphiques, Ensemble Caprice, Les Voix Humaines, Infusion Baroque, Ensemble La Cigale and more than one hundreds musicians will also be part of the 20th edition of the FMB.

Special Events, Conference-Concerts, Musical Café, and Baroque Lab
The MBF also provides opportunities where musicians and music-lovers can meet, thanks to the special events which are part of the festival’s signature.

This year, festival-goers are invited to stroll along the MUSICAL MEANDER, a musical and touristic walking tour offered in partnership with 16/42 tours.

PASSERELLES, three conference-concerts, will be presented. One will be dedicated to virtuosas in the 18th and 19th century, another to women’s music of the Italian baroque, and the last to Sara Levy, grand “salonnière” and an essential figure in the rediscovery of J.S. Bach’s works.

The traditional MUSICAL CAFÉ will take place at café URSA (Martha Wainwright) until the wee hours of the morning. LAB BAROQUE, a friendly reading session, open to amateur instrumentalists and choristers will take place at the Rialto Theater.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the FMB, a CONCERT APÉRO will be presented by musicians from Autour de la flute on instruments from the beginning of the last century, featuring works by Germaine Taillefer, Lili Boulanger, and others.

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