Now 30 years later, Vittorio Rossi re-visits the Testa family in an explosive new play entitled Legacy, a sequel to The Chain. The father has since passed away, and the play begins on the day Joe and Masimo have just buried their mother. The remaining family gather at the Testa household after the funeral to deal with their grief, only to have another event challenge the very core of their existence.

Joe’s successful landscaping company has just been implicated of wrong-doing in the Charbonneau Commission. A false accusation aimed at Joe Testa now jeopardizes his very livelihood, and challenges the existence of the family. Who will step up to help? Will Massimo, along with his huge construction firm do the right thing? Or is it up to Joe to once again clean things up? Can the Testa legacy survive this new threat, or will the family business once and for all be buried in its own ashes?

Joe’s actions trigger an eruptive force that compels the remaining family members to confront their legacy, their culture, loyalty, respect and the very meaning of family in Rossi’s timely new play.

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Leonardo Da Vinci Centre
8370 Boulevard Lacordaire,
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