Ann St. Arnaud

Ann St. Arnaud

Echoes of Sun Youth

Young people’s health and safety has been at the core of Sun Youth’s mission since its inception in 1954. The reason behind the creation of Sun Youth was for kids to stay safe, active and out of trouble.

The best way to prevent delinquency, we believe, is to give a sense of belonging to kids, and support them through their education. Thankfully, we have partners that share this belief. One of those partners is the company Ultra Forensic Technology which has been helping Sun Youth for many years through their company collect for our Holiday basket distribution. Every year, their employees volunteer their time and the company matches donations from its employees.

This year they decided to add to their contribution by giving scholarships to 20 young people who have played for the Sun Youth Hornets, completed their high school degree and who are enrolled in CEGEP and continuing to excel in their sport.  “We need to do our part and give back to the community. Encouraging students to learn and continue their education is not only beneficial for the community, but also essential for society, “says Alvaro Venegas, President of Ultra Forensic Technology. “We also believe that it represents an excellent opportunity for them to stay motivated and thus allow them to make good life choices while pursuing their post-secondary education.”
Sun Yoth
It has always been important to Sun Youth that athletes perform both on the field and in the classroom. Those young people who have distinguished themselves with the Hornets before becoming successful in their respective sports, whether at the university or at the professional level, now find themselves on the organization’s “Wall of Fame”. With Ultra Forensic Technology’s help, 20 youngsters will have a better chance at featuring on our Wall of Fame.

About Ultra Forensic Technology: From ballistic identification and comparison microscopes, to document examination and CSI equipment, Forensic Technology provides law enforcement agencies all over the world with the tools needed to solve more crime. Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification and analysis over 30 years ago and continues to be a leader in forensic ballistics and firearms identification technologies that promote a safer society.

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