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I must say that I really do look forward to Canada’s iconic Le Burger Week and for this year’s recent milestone 10th edition I could not wait to study the official list of participating restaurants.

So what was my choice for 2021? Where have I yet to taste a burger before? It was so much fun to discover Centrale Bergham for the first time. Founded 10 years ago in the Petit Maghreb area in the East End, this fast-casual sandwich restaurant chain now has 17 locations and growing in Quebec and Ontario. Serving halal sandwiches inspired by different cuisines of the world, Bergham seeks to offer foods that all kinds of people, from all walks of life, can enjoy.

Upon first glance this looks like a fast food place. You order at the counter, sit down or take out. But clearly behind the scenes in the kitchen it is hardly that as everything is prepared fresh.

“We are not like Subways, McDonald’s or the others,” says Chief Executive Officer Assad Khan. “Everything is made fresh in the kitchen. Nothing is frozen. Our bread is homemade as well.”

I went to the LaSalle location on Newman Blvd. It is a great spot with plenty of free parking. I ordered the King Burger and let me tell you folks I do not want a calorie count on this one! Served on a bun, it features a beef patty, crispy chicken, fried onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. And wow was this good! Their iconic flavours and unique blend of sauces provide visitors with multiple combinations to satisfy even the biggest cravings.

Once I was there to try a burger, marketing director Hira Khan wanted me to sample a few other items which I had for dinner and other lunch periods that week.

Centrale Bergham - Philly Steak

The Philly Steak has creamy filet mignon, mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

Let’s start off with the sandwiches, which took two additional lunch hours to eat. The Maximum contains Philadelphia chicken breast, two beef patties, beef bacon and cheddar cheese while the Philly Steak has creamy filet mignon, mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

Oh yes, there were chicken wings in the bag as well which I shared with a colleague in the office. She gave them a thumbs up. Hila also suggested a poutine. That turned out to be a neat dinner side dish. They have six different kinds of poutines: chika, Philly Steak, Merguez, Le Chef, Le Rouge and regular. I opted for the latter, with French fries, poutine sauce and cheese curds.

Did I really need dessert at this stage? Why not? One was the chocolate nut and tiramisu with three select ingredients. This is undoubtedly a most extravagant tiramisu. Both smooth and crunchy, crispy and sweet, you will succumb to this delicious dessert. There was also a slice of chocolate cake to enjoy.

Owned by the Genesys Restaurant Group, which also has Mont Tacos, Lokma and Fête à Crêpe under its banner.

Locally they have two locations in Laval, five in central Montreal and one each in LaSalle, St. Laurent, Montreal North and Greenfield Park.

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