Savour the Taste of The Bahamas!

The beautiful Bahamas comprises over 700 islands and cays, and 16 unique island destinations. With world-class fishing, diving, boating and thousands of miles of the earth’s most spectacular water and beaches, The Bahamas offer much to inspire locals and visitors alike. Taking his inspiration from the islands, multiple award winning mixologist Marv Cunningham, a.k.a. “Mr Mix”, has a lengthy repertoire of cocktails he has concocted. Here are some deliciously cool drinks we can all enjoy…

mixologist Marv Cunningham

Mixologist Marv Cunningham

Marv’s Bahama Mama 


1 oz. White Rum

1/2 oz. Dark Rum

1 oz. coconut flavoured rum

2 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. orange juice

1 tsp. lemon juice

1 cup crushed ice

½ oz. grenadine syrup

2 to 4 dashes of Angostura bitters


1. Place crushed ice in cocktail shaker
2. Combine all other ingredients in a cocktail shaker
3. Shake ingredients for about 20 secs.
4.  Top with a splash of grenadine syrup.
5.  Pour over glass with ice.
6.  Garnish with either orange slice, a wedge of pineapple, a strawberry or a cherry.

Marv’s Sky Juice

Bahamian Skye Juice

Best made in one-gallon batches, this cocktail is a delicious tropical drink. Remember to keep checking the sweetness and add more condensed milk if not sweet enough.


Fill a one-gallon container with coconut water

Add 1 can of condensed milk

Add 750 mL London Dry Gin


After mixing the above 3 ingredients, check the sweetness to your taste.  If not sweet  enough, add more condensed milk. If too sweet, add more coconut water.
If not strong enough, add more gin!
Put it in the freezer. Best enjoyed as a slush!

Classic Mango Daiquiri

Bahamian Classic Mango Daiquiri

When you think of classic Mango Daiquiri, your first thought is a frozen drink. Here’s something that riffs on that concept…and twists it in delicious new ways.


2 oz. Ricardo White Rum

1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice (fresh is always better)

1 cup crushed ice

1 oz. freshly squeezed mango juice (Peel the mango, and squeeze it until all the juice comes out.)

2 dashes of orange Angostura bitters


Place crushed ice in a cocktail shaker
Combine all other ingredients in a cocktail shaker
Shake ingredients for about 20 secs.
Transfer to chilled cocktail glass
Tip: To get a great taste, you can also freeze mango juice as ice cubes.

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