The immersive exhibition Below the Ice with Mario Cyr invites the audience on a journey to a mysterious and almost-inaccessible place: the Canadian Arctic. As they travel through images taken from filmmaker Mario Cyr’s expeditions, visitors will be drawn into the breathtaking beauty of the spectacular landscapes. Polar bears, walruses, narwhals, sea angels and large marine mammals cross his path. Witnessing the magnificence of these endangered landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them, visitors will also become aware of their fragility.

“This exhibition is a unique opportunity for me to share my passion for this mysterious, fascinating and beautiful world!” – Mario Cyr, film maker and explorer

Mario Cyr is a world-renowned reference in the film and wildlife documentary field. As an underwater cinematographer, he’s collaborated on more than 150 productions, including for Disney Productions, Imax 3D, BBC NHK, TV Tokyo, The Explorers, France 2, David Suzuki, National Geographic and The Cousteau Society. His long career and passion for ocean life have led him to discover the world’s seas, meeting the most admired and enigmatic animals on our planet along the way.

The exhibit ends on October 31, 2021.
The exhibition Below the ice with Mario Cyr is presented at the Eloize Studios – Old Montreal
417 Berri Street
Montreal, H2Y 3H1
(514) 596-3838

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