The Château Ramezay

For the moment, visitors are welcome only on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 4:30 pm.

Note that there are no need to book in advance. Visitors can just show up to visit. The layout, with 15 rooms, allows the museum to safely welcome visitors at a regular pace.

Montreal’s portal to its past, the Château Ramezay was built in the 18th century as a prestigious residence. It was the first building in Quebec to be classified an historic monument. Relive more than 500 years of history through its numerous exhibits.


“Montréal Landscapes – Power Corporation of Canada Artworks Collection” a fascinating temporary exhibition is being prolonged until September 6, 2021. Thanks to the Power Corporation of Canada Artworks Collection for extending this unique chance for visitors to see 30 paintings from 15 Canadian artists presenting views of Montréal painted between 1870 and 1972. This is a unique chance to see paintings from one of the finest corporate collections in the country.

Montréal Landscapes – Power Corporation of Canada Artworks Collection

Le port de Montréal, (Montréal Harbour)
Adrien Hébert, 1928
© Power Corporation of Canada Collection,1996.042.1

A Trip in Time
Here is Bonsecours Market, there, Notre Dame Basilica; over here, bystanders are dwarfed by towering silos and passing steam boats. Plunge into the world of Adrien Hébert, George Delfosse, John Little and many others, without even leaving the Château!

Each painting gives a glimpse of the past: a building long-demolished, a landscape from yesteryear. Have you ever seen Côte des Neiges covered in greenery, or Parc Jeanne-Mance when it was known as Fletcher’s Field? During the years pictured here, 1870-1972, Montréal was in full expansion, as these works, in various artistic styles, splendidly illustrate.

A Collection that Honours Canadian Artists
Founded in 1964 by Paul Guy Desmarais, the Power Corporation of Canada collection is considered one of the country’s pre-eminent corporate art collections. Since that date, the Corporation’s acquisition of works by celebrated Canadian artists has aimed to trace the development and reflect the quality and diversity of Canadian art from 1800 to 1970.

The collection places special emphasis upon the artistic themes and approaches that have had the most impact on the development of the various aesthetic movements marking the history of Canadian art. Like that of Canada’s major museums, it is the mission of the Power Corporation collection to make known the excellence and originality of Canadian Art.

During spring break the museum will be open all week, February 27 to March 7, 2021. Please check the website or call (514) 861-3708 for up to date spring break information.

Château Ramezay
280 Notre-Dame Street East
Old Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H2Y 1C5