OASIS immersion

Canada’s biggest permanent immersive walking destination, OASIS immersion™, opens this February 25 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Just in time for spring break, OASIS immersion™ presents Inspirations, a first exhibition featuring David Saint-Jacques, Alexandra Stréliski and Émile Roy. The experience will include three immersive galleries featuring 360-degree projections, two lightshow exhibits, and a gift shop.

OASIS immersion’s six distinct rooms:

The Anticipation Room – a lighted transition space that shepherds visitors from the urban frenzy to the opening immersive gallery;
The Portal Room – the first full gallery, which introduces visitors to the theme and topics of the exhibition, while delivering ambient surprises to better ease into the OASIS immersion atmosphere;
The Teleportation Room – an immersive gallery that takes visitors all over the world and beyond;
The Panorama Room – the largest gallery, it delivers an immersive account of the people, ideas and places behind the exhibition.
After a break at the OASIS lounge and gift shop, visitors cap off their walkthrough along the Decompression Corridor, for one final sound-light-olfactory experience.



Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the space universe of Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques and relive the highlights of his mission, while pianist Alexandra Stréliski takes them on a journey of her own in three immersive paintings featuring selections from her sublime album Inscape. YouTuber Émile Roy will share his inspiring outlook on resilience and action, against the backdrop of the upheavals we’ve experienced since March 2020.

Also included in the programming of this first exhibition:

– a dive into hygge, the Danish wellness lifestyle;
– a discovery tour of eight of the world’s new architectural wonders; and
– a playful and poetic tribute to Québec creativity.

“With OASIS immersion and Inspirations, we wanted to unleash all of the power of immersive audio and video, by offering a positive outlook on our world, here and now, in a congenial, innovative space. Considering what we’ve all lived through these past months, we could never have imagined how relevant and timely this project would be,” says Denys Lavigne, CEO, Creative Director and Cofounder of OASIS immersion.

“OASIS immersion resides at the intersection of technology, art and discovery, and speaks to the latest experiential trends. Think of this first exhibition as the first issue of a new-genre immersive magazine, where the topics of the day are presented on the walls and floors of an innovative immersive space. It also serves as a platform for local creative and technical talent. We are privileged to be able to count on such an amazing pool of creative developers, designers, musicians and tech experts, who have all played an integral role in the project’s process,” says Nicolas Lassonde, SVP Business Strategy and Cofounder of OASIS immersion.

OASIS immersionEnjoy a preview of the exhibition with Inspirations, the podcast series
A companion podcast series has been produced alongside the exhibition, chronicling the exceptional journeys of the show’s headliners and some of our society’s leading influencers. Hosted by Grégory Charles, it features conversations with everyone from CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques, pianist Alexandra Stréliski, YouTuber Emile Roy, architect Pierre Thibault, and businesswoman Fabienne Colas, to the cofounders of OASIS immersion. The French podcast episodes are available at www.oasis.im as well as on major podcast platforms.

For the safety of visitors and staff, OASIS immersion has put in place health and safety measures that are in accordance with government directives. Visitors should allow themselves approximately 75 minutes to fully experience Oasis immersion. Departures with limited places will be available every 20 minutes.

Here’s a new and original activity to discover during spring break! Tickets are on sale on the oasis.im and ticketpro.ca websites.

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