Stephen Colbert, Brian Cox, Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes, Kate Mulgrew, Cynthia Nixon, Fiona Shaw, Dan Stevens, and more to take part in Virtual Bloomsday on Broadway!

An all-day free celebration of performances and music streaming Tuesday June 16th

Stephen Colbert will kick off Symphony Space’s annual literary rite of spring, Bloomsday on Broadway, which celebrates James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses and takes place on June 16th.

Colbert will be joined by a stellar array of actors and writers including Juliana Canfield, Donna Lynne Champlin, Brian Cox, Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes, Mia Dillon, Zach Grenier, Peter Francis James, Colum McCann, Malachy McCourt, Kate Mulgrew, Cynthia Nixon, Denis O’Hare, Fiona Shaw, Dan Stevens, and Kirsten Vangsness. With musical direction by Caitlin Warbelow (Come From Away).

Throughout the day, artists will read excerpts from all 18 episodes in the book, taking avid Joyceans on a whirlwind tour of the most famous fictional day in literature and bringing to life an enchanting world of incredible humor, satire, parody, romanticism, and pure old Irish poetry.

This event marks the 39th anniversary of Bloomsday on Broadway, a tradition that has inspired both long-standing fans and those completely new to the prose.

Virtual Bloomsday on Broadway is part of Symphony Space’s “Your Home” digital initiative that is delivering exceptional artistry, brilliant stories, and thought-provoking conversations even while its theaters are dark.

This first-ever prerecorded Bloomsday on Broadway event will be available for free throughout the day on the Symphony Space YouTube channel on Tuesday June 16 beginning at 8:00AM EDT. All information about this and other “Your Home” events can be found at

Don’t Miss a Single Spectacular Reading!


Rita Wolf

Rita Wolf

James Peter Francis

James Peter Francis

Colum McCann

Colum McCann

Claire Danes

Claire Danes

8AM: From Episode I
Telemachus performed by Stephen Colbert

8:45AM: From Episode II
Nestor performed by Rita Wolf

9:30AM: From Episode III
Proteus performed by Zach Grenier

10:15AM: From Episode IV
Calypso performed by Fiona Shaw
With music performed by Nuala Kennedy & Caoimhín Vallely

11AM: From Episode V
Lotus Eaters performed by Peter Francis James

11:45AM: From Episode VI
Hades performed by Malachy McCourt

12:30PM: From Episode VII
Aeolus performed by Mia Dillon
With music performed by Chris Ranney & Caitlin Warbelow

1:15PM: From Episode VIII
Lestrygonians performed by Kate Mulgrew

2PM: From Episode IX
Scylla and Charybdis performed by Cynthia Nixon

2:45PM: From Episode X
Wandering Rocks performed by Hugh Dancy

3:30PM: From Episode XI
Sirens performed by Donna Lynne Champlin
With music performed by Chris Ranney & Caitlin Warbelow

4:15PM: From Episode XII
Cyclops performed by Colum McCann

5PM: From Episode XIII
Nausicaa performed by Claire Danes

5:45PM: From Episode XIV
Oxen of the Sun performed by Brian Cox

6:30PM: From Episode XV
Circe performed by Dan Stevens

7:15PM: From Episode XVI
Eumaeus performed by Juliana Canfield
With music performed by Brenda Castles

8PM: From Episode XVII
Ithaca performed by Denis O’Hare

8:45PM: From Episode XVIII
Penelope performed by Kirsten Vangsness

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert
Photo: Timothy Kuratek / ©2016 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Mia Dillon

Mia Dillon

Juliana Canfield

Juliana Canfield

Kirsten Vangsness

Kirsten Vangsness

Virtual Bloomsday on Broadway follows the launch of Virtual Selected Shorts, the iconic Symphony Space series that unites great actors with extraordinary short stories and presents them to enraptured audiences.

Bloomsday on Broadway is co-presented with Irish Arts Center as part of their At Home With Irish Arts Center series of digital events.

A tradition that began in Dublin, Bloomsday is celebrated throughout the world. Bloomsday on Broadway, Symphony Space’s unique contribution to the annual tradition, has been thrilling audiences since 1981. These marathon readings of James Joyce’s masterwork take place every year on June 16—commemorating the day depicted in Ulysses—and find revelers following along in dog-eared copies of the text, glued to their chairs until long after midnight. Readings are punctuated with or followed by live, traditional Irish folk music. Over the course of its run, Symphony Space’s Bloomsday performances have attracted showbiz luminaries including Alec Baldwin, Christine Baranski, Gabriel Byrne, Dick Cavett, Fionnula Flanagan, Santino Fontana, Ira Glass, Frank McCourt, Cynthia Nixon, Ben Stiller, John Douglas Thompson, and Jeffrey Wright.

Symphony Space is a multi-disciplinary performing arts center where bold programming, presented in a uniquely warm and welcoming environment, forges indelible relationships between artists and audiences. Symphony Space’s fundamental mission is to connect art, ideas, and community through their programs and their commitment to literacy and education through the arts. Known for an array of ground-breaking programs, including the immersive Wall to Wall concerts, the Selected Shorts literature-in-performance series, and their innovative Global Arts education program, Symphony Space presents a full slate of original, affordable (and free) programming within New York City and in communities throughout the country through tours, public radio broadcasts, and podcasts. On their stages and in the classrooms they serve, Symphony Space fosters access to the arts through all the disciplines.

Symphony Space was founded in the belief that the arts bring people together, transcend barriers, and celebrate both our similarities and differences. Through adventurous and impactful performances, commissions, and conversations, Symphony Space continues to invigorate these guiding principles, harnessing the power of the arts to engage, inspire, and build community.
Symphony Space is located at 2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York, New York.

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