BARBEGAZI is a crazy fun winter festival that goes down in urban environments. It’s the go-to event for winter sports enthusiasts, with unique activities to try with family and friends, that’ll keep you warm.snowboard

BARBEGAZI invites the festival goers to fight the cold by the adrenaline and fall back in love with the longest season of the year. BARBEGAZI suggests an initiation to snowskate, fatbike, yoga on snow as well as axe and Christmas trees throwing!


BARBEGAZIBARBEGAZIBARBEGAZI is a Yeti-like mythical creature that was born in the Franco-Swiss Alps. This expert mountaineer spent his days in the caves that connect the Alpine summits. His large feet allow him to navigate powder snow like he was wearing snowshoes, and the rumour goes that his favourite pastime is to ride avalanches!

BARBEGAZI’s look is as distinctive as the festival he lent his name to! His frozen beard and blue-grey colour are unmistakable, especially when you catch him trying new tricks on his snowskate.

If you get the chance to meet our half-hairy, half-frozen friend, make sure to challenge him to some of his favourite activities: snowskating, fatbiking, axe throwing and much more!

For more information visit: Barbegazioly

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