The Salon International de la Femme Noire is a Montreal platform whose mission is to celebrate Black women and their influence over time and generations. This major event will instill self-esteem, and give the impetus for self-improvement that every Black woman needs to fulfill her ambitions.

This inclusive experience is a day that will take you to the right destination: your vision!
Through conferences, workshops and exhibitors from the brightest leaders and innovators in our communities, you learn how to achieve your goals with excellence! This International Fair is not just an event but a movement!
SIFN is a symbol of daring and dignity with the motto: DO NOT FEAR, BE BOLD

It’s an interactive space:
To discover the universe of the Black and mixed-race woman through her eyes;
To discuss the place of the Black and mixed-race woman of yesterday, today and the future;
To share news on topics of interest to Black and mixed race women
It’s a space to get resources:
To meet the needs of Black and mixed-race women considering their cultural and socio-economic situation;
To access targeted services;
To support the success of their social integration.

For tickets and information visit:

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