I Musici de Montréal presents

I Concertini Series 

Feher: Gypsy Festival

Conductor Andrei Feher leads a joyous crew to the convergence of Central European folk music. On the menu, nothing less than an extraordinary musical feast! Istvan Lakatos, a violin virtuoso of Hungarian origin, now an established member of Montreal’s musical community, shares the stage with I Musici.

J. Brahms, Hungarian Dance No. 5
F. Farkas, Partita all’ungaresca
J. Hubay, Scène de la Csárda No. 4 « Hejre Kati »
V. Monti, Csárdás
B. Bartók, Romanian Folk Dances
And other works

Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 11:00am
Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 6:00pm
Duration: 2 Hrs

I Concertini Series
You’ve never been able to be this close to the music: to hear it, to see it and be touched by it. In a rethought Bourgie Hall, you’ll find I Musici in the centre of the room, surrounded by… you. The conductor leads you through these concerts that last from 60 to 65 minutes with edifying commentaries and fascinating anecdotes. What’s more, one hour before the concert starts, we offer coffee (matinée) or wine (cocktail hour) that you can enjoy with us or among friends. The name may mean small, but our I Concertini have great character and guarantee pleasure and conviviality.

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