Danse Danse presents

Rosas – A Love Supreme

Breathing new life into the work they created in 2005, set to music by John Coltrane, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Salva Sanchis transform A Love Supreme into an ode to the body. And so dance becomes jazz…

Above all, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker uses musicality to support her choreographic art. In tackling A Love Supreme, jazz giant John Coltrane’s iconic album infused with spirituality and rhythm, the Belgian choreographer invited P.A.R.T.S. alumnus Salva Sanchis to join her in the adventure. As they reworked their piece into a quartet for male dancers, De Keersmaeker and Sanchis imagined a canonic movement language, three-person lifts, polished solos; hands, flattened as if resting on air, tracing curves and angles. Mirroring the vitality of Coltrane’s music, A Love Supreme delivers exuberantly free dance that blends improvisation and formal composition into a seamless whole. Winner of the French dance press’s 2017 Prix de la critique (critics’ choice award) for Best Performers, A Love Supreme delivers a dynamic palette of sensations.

Duration: 55 minutes
Meet the artists: January 30 and February 1st

For information and tickets: www.placedesarts.com  514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

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