Relive the biggest hits of the ’80’s!

LOST 80’S LIVE is bringing together some of the most recognizable acts from that great decade. The concert takes its iconic tour to Place Bell in Laval. Fans can expect to see 7 quintessential acts, such as  A Flock of Seagulls, Men Without Hats, Wang Chung, Farrington and Mann the original vocalists of “When in Rome UK”, AnimotionNaked Eyes, Nu Shooz, making this the largest 80’s show to ever hit Quebec!

LOST 80’S LIVE is the longest running retro tour where nostalgic fans can see a number of 80’s favorites performing live on one stage, on one epic night. The experience is timeless and has been described by fans nationwide as a “greatest hits show” where every song played could legitimately be on a number of greatest hits’ albums. Fans won’t want to miss what many believe is the “best of the 80’s.”  The once-in-a-lifetime lineup comes together for a nostalgia-driven blast from the past. Get ready for a totally awesome flashback concert featuring all your beloved 80’s acts!

For tickets and information: www.evenko.ca  514-790-2525 or 1-877-668-8269

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