Peter McAuslan

Peter McAuslan and Ellen Bounsell recently hosted a reception at The Annexe, adjacent to the McAuslan Brewery that the couple started in the building that now houses The Annexe Pub. True to Peter’s Scottish heritage, Piper Jeff McCarthy was on hand to pipe in the invited guests.

Peter has been a generous supporter of a diverse group of arts organizations and community groups. Right from the beginning they hired people from the neighbourhood on St. Ambroise to work at the brewery. Music has a special place in Peter’s life, and several music organizations were in attendance.

“All of you gathered here are people that I’ve known and worked with, and you’re all part of my life. I’ve very proud of this award, and I’m pleased that you have come to share it with me.” In his trade self-deprecating sense of humour, Peter noted that we didn’t have to refer to him as ‘Sir’ Peter.

“This award has given me the opportunity to pause, and a chance to think about all the things I’ve done and to appreciate them. None of this would have happened without Ellen, who has encouraged me, sometimes pushed me a little and given me some constructive criticism – although I don’t think that she had much to criticize.”

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