Électro Parade will march through the streets of Montreal

Électro Parade turns the city streets into a giant dance party.

Imagine a convoy of floats with cutting-edge sound systems, as local and international DJs man the tables, laying beats from a moving, grooving platform. Now imagine a parade of people shimmying through Montreal’s streets, dancing to the sounds of awesome electronic music.

That’s Électro Parade, a titanic, kilometres-long street party. Inspired by a European craze, it brings together thousands of people in total dance freedom, with the world’s hottest electronic music as their playlist.

For Montreéal’s 375th anniversary, North America’s very first Électro Parade, a world trend that has caught on in cities like Paris, Zurich and Berlin, is coming to our metropolis. Électro Parade promises an exuberant scene, with music as the medium for celebrating Montreal’s outsized joie de vivre and dynamism. As DJs loosen our limbs and the city’s pulse quickens, everyone who loves Montréal is invited to move through our urban landscape in music-driven bliss.

“In the fall of 2017, DJs will take over Montreal, quickening the city’s pulse and transforming its streets into a dancefloor. Electro Parade will inspire Montrealers to let their bodies become one with the music, right in the middle of the urban landscape,” explained Serge Postigo, Assistant Commissioner for Montreal’s 375th celebrations. “Electro Parade is the perfect opportunity for the people of Montréal to express their liveliness and thus the liveliness of their city.”

“Parades of this type have had tremendous success in European cities. With Electro Parade, we hope to create a huge festive gathering for the people of Montreal and the rest of Quebec, as well as tourists visiting us to celebrate the 375th anniversary of the city,” concluded Jacques Aubé, Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, evenko.

For the event line-up and itinerary visit: electroparademtl

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