State of Denial

By Rahul Varma
Directed by Liz Valdez

Featuring: Susain Bain, Victoria Barkoff, Liana Bdewi, Jimmy Blais, Michaela Di Cesare, Eric Hausknost, Saro Saroyan, Warona Setshwaelo

When the need to remember confronts the struggle to forget, explosive secrets are revealed…

Set in contemporary Canada and Turkey of 1915, State of Denial links the Armenian genocide of 1915 with the 1994-95 genocide in Rwanda. When Odette, a Rwandan-born Canadian filmmaker, travels to Turkey to investigate stories of genocide and hidden identity, she interviews Sahana, an elderly and respected Muslim woman who has devoted her life to assisting Armenian survivors. On her deathbed, Sahana confesses a chilling secret that challenges a long-standing state of denial that Odette promises to make public at any cost.

State of Denial
A Teesri Duniya Theatre Production

Segal Centre Studio
5170 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, H3W 1M7

For tickets and information:  514-739-7944

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