Centaur Theatre Company presents


Written by Nicolas Billon
Directed by Roy Surette

Loyalty. Revenge. Justice.

A political thriller for our times.

Christmas Eve. Present Day.  An elderly man wearing a foreign military uniform and a Santa hat is dumped on the front steps of a police station. He doesn’t speak English, and a lawyer’s business card pierced on a butcher’s hook hangs around his neck, bearing the words: ARREST ME.  The lawyer and a translator are summoned and from then on aliases and allegiances shock and surprise as the plot unfurls with more twists and turns than a coiled python about to strike. Is this man a notorious war criminal wanted by both Interpol and a group of survivors known as the Furies? An edge-of-your-seat, nail-biter of a nothing-is-as-it-seems tale of war crimes and the murky waters between revenge and justice.

For tickets and information: www.centaurtheatre.com or 514-288-3161

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