Discover the treasures, legends and history of the rich Scottish culture.

Over the past 37 years, the Montreal Highland Games has become one of the premier events on the North American highland games circuit. All the while, bringing together Montrealers of Scottish and all other backgrounds to celebrate Highland games, music and culture. The Montreal Highland Games is always held on the Sunday following the Glengarry (Maxville) Games, which makes it a double header for pipe bands, athletes, highland dancers and spectators. Among competitors this has become known as the M&M weekend.

Athletics: The athletic events at The Montreal Highland Games feature only the very best Scottish athletes. All the participants you will see perform at the Games have been invited based on their track record. Each athlete will compete in seven traditional Highland events:

Putting the Stone (like a shot putt using a stone in place of the steel ball)
56 pound weight thrown for distance and height
28 pound weight thrown for distance
Light Hammer throw
Heavy Hammer throw
Sheaf toss
Caber toss

Clans: clans from different heritages and histories will be present to share their knowledge with all those attending.

Kiddie’s Corner: The kiddies’ corner features inflated bounce rides, and other free activities designed especially for them.

Vendors & Concessions: A fantastic opportunity to pick up all the Scottish accoutrements and souvenirs that anyone would want. Vendors provide everything from small trinkets to kilts, bagpipes, drums and all the accessories required. Numerous food concessions compliment our world famous beer tent with everything from hamburgers to meat pies.

Parc Arthur-Therrien
3750 Boulevard Gaétan Laberge, Verdun

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