Depending on when you walk in on a song, Emma Frank’s music might sound like folk or jazz, even R&B. It’s music that never stays put, full of moving parts, shifting tempos, winding melodies. The lyrics are honest, open conversations on love and life—journeys that aim for insight, not easy answers. Lately people have compared Emma’s voice and song writing to a young Joni Mitchell. It has a breathy somersaulting quality that tumbles into warm, dark valleys, a voice that Leif Vollebeck described as “leather on silk.” The current formation features Isis Giraldo on piano, Marc Béland on drums (The Budrice Band, Jonathan Roy), Gab Drolet on bass (Ambroise) and Simon Millerd on trumpet. The band brings an improvisational spirit to the songs, lending a tumultuous, almost ticklish quality to Emma’s compositions.

Segal Theatre
5170 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, H3W 1M7

For tickets and information:  514-739-7944