Time and Space

Jean-Willy Kunz, organ
Gilles Renaud, actor
Paul Merkelo, trumpet
Christopher Smith, trumpet
Denys Derome, horn
Vivian Lee, trombone
Pierre Beaudry, bass trombone

Presentation of the concert

G. Gabrieli (1554/57-1612): Sacrae symphoniae for brass quintet (3’)

Holst (1874-1934): Mars (excerpt from “The Planets” op. 32 ; arr. for organ by Peter Sykes) (8′)

Alain (1911-1940): Variations on a theme of Clément Jannequin JA118  (6’)

Holst Saturne (excerpt from “The Planets” op. 32; arr. for organ by Peter Sykes)  (9′)

Widor (1844-1937): Andante sostenuto (extrait de la “Symphonie gothique” op. 70) (6’)

G. Gabrieli (1554/57-1612): Sacrae symphoniae for brass quintet (3’)

Holst Uranus (excerpt from “The Planets” op. 32 ; arr. for organ by Peter Sykes) (7′)

Byrd (1539/40-1623): A Voluntarie: for my Ladye Nevell (3’30”)

Tod Machover (né en 1953): De l’Expérience pour narrateur, orgue et électroacoustique, création mondiale, commande de l’OSM

Whether due to the invention of printing or to the way in which man saw the world around him, the Renaissance was characterized by tremendous intellectual and cultural ferment. Music too was affected, including the development of the organ. A program inspired by the riches of this period, including a multidisciplinary premiere by Tod Machover based on the essays of Montaigne.

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