A conversation with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc.

A pioneer of the microcomputer industry and a Silicon Valley icon for over thirty years, Steve Wozniak helped shape the computer industry by designing Apple’s initial product range, and by contributing to the creation of the popular Macintosh computer. In 1976, together with Steve Jobs, Mr. Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer Inc. to bring to market the Apple I computer.

Considered to be the designer of the first personal computer, Steve Wozniak played a major role in the industry’s emergence. This visionary then went on to devote his energy to developing young people’s computer skills in school and stimulating their creativity.

The co-founder of one of the most revolutionary companies in our digital age.

The speech will be held in English.

Registration deadline: February 10, 2015

For tickets and information: www.ccmm.ca/en/    514-871-4001

Place des Arts
175 Sainte-Catherine St. West

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