Flamenco World Experience

A unique flamenco performance featuring Honduras-born Rafael Lopez, who shares his passion for music and invites spectators to embark on a musical journey. His music blends the passion of flamenco with the sophistication of jazz, punctuated by the exotic sounds of the Middle East and the energy of Latin rhythms.

It is impossible to say whether Rafael Lopez’ stellar talent is a result of his roots, as the member of a family of gifted musicians, or his formal training and relentless research. One thing we can say for sure is that his style is completely unique.

He will be accompanied by Ligia Evangelista, the great Brazilian dancer, whose distinctive elegance, grace and charm confer an added dimension to the musical performance. Five musicians and three dancers will light up the stage and energize the crowd with their sound, in what is sure to be a memorable evening.

For tickets and information: www.theatrestdenis.com 514 849-4211

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