André-Philippe Gagnon – the man of 400 voices

André-Philippe Gagnon, comedian and impressionist, has distinguished himself with his unique talent for impersonating the voices of celebrities – not just speaking voices, but singing voices too! He has imitated some of the biggest acts in the entertainment industry, including Céline Dion, Francis Cabrel, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Barry White, Guns N’ Roses, Maroon 5, Susan Boyle and many more!

In 1985, André-Philippe Gagnon first acquired his international reputation. He participated for the first time at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs festival with an incredible act, impersonating with accuracy every artist of the song We are the World, the famed song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and recorded by USA for Africa.  Thanks to the success of his performance at the Just for Laughs festival, Gagnon was invited to present his version of We Are the World on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.He then went on to play a regular act at The Venetian in Las Vegas and other venues around the world. More than five million people have enjoyed Gagnon’s shows!

In 2012, André-Philippe Gagnon was named “Entertainer of the year” at the 15th Star Awards gala in Toronto!

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