Lolë White Tour

Since 2012, the Lolë White Tour has united over 65,000 people dressed in white, from communities around the world, to practice yoga and meditate in a unique session dedicated to peace. Join this inspiring community-driven event—a celebration of inspiration, hope, equality and unity.

7:00am to 8:00am
Morning Bliss Shake Up + Wake Up
with Selena ‘‘DJ Serious Black’’ Isles and Nadia Bonenfant

LOLË White tourSelena ‘DJ Seriousblack’ Isles, is the ‘Urban Yogi’. An accomplished global yoga teacher, international DJ, producer, single mother, and co-owner at Béco Yoga + Boutique Écologique in Saint Lambert, she is a wild calm force. After a traumatic injury during the Canada Games ended her athletic career in 1995, she returned to her yogi roots inspired by her mother, whom she calls her first ‘guru’. In 2000, she made the long journey to Thailand, to dedicate herself to the path of yoga and meditation. She continues to travel extensively, as a DJ bringing her unique sounds across the globe having appeared with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Stephen Marley, and at Béco, she teaches weekly Ashtanga, Hatha and meditation classes.

LOLË White tourNadia Bonenfant is a mother of three boys, a yoga teacher since 2004, and the founder of JUNA Yoga, a Quebec yoga school and business specialised in yoga and adventure travel for women. She offers yoga, surf, SUP and ski retreats as well as professional training in yoga teaching in the heart of some of the most beautiful destinations of this world. She founded JUNA with the objective of creating programs and trips allowing women to surpass themselves and fulfill their potential through yoga, adventure sport, and authentic communication.

8:45am to 9:45am
LIVING according to the C.A.R.E. approach – Workshop/Conference
with Fanny Gingras and Patrick Bélanger

LOLË White tourFanny is the founder of Othā Yoga and of the C.A.R.E approach, which allows for the development of physical and psychological well-being habits. She is specialised in various forms of yoga – mindfulness, therapeutic, seated, hormonal, nidra – and a facilitator in Alchemy of Breath. She is also very active as a LOLË ambassador.

LOLË White tourPatrick has been a partner at Othā Yoga for 2 years. He handles business development, and he’s an assistant for the conscious breathing and during events. In addition, he is a lecturer, a coach and a teacher specialised in business start-up. He is also the co-founder of Happy and a coach-trainer at Swiss Nova.

10:00am to 11:50am
Morning yoga and meditation session
with Sylvie Tremblay et Adam Mahmoud. With music from Matt Holubowski and Selena ‘‘DJ Serious Black’’ Isles.

LOLË White tourFounder and director of Centre Yoga Sangha, Sylvie Tremblay looks back on more than 30 years of yoga practice and 20 years of teaching yoga. She teaches throughout the world and has led workshops and retreats around the world. In 2008, she received the title Yogacharia (yoga master) by the International Yoga Federation and the Fédération francophone de yoga for her work and her many years of teaching experience, and the Great Saraswati Price for the management of the best french speaking yoga school in america, in 2013.. Mystical, creative, and inspired, each of her classes and training are experiences for the soul as well as for the body. To find more about Sylvie’s yoga studio:

LOLË White tourAdam is an international yoga and meditation teacher as well as a professional fire performance artist. Over the past 13 years, he has travelled around the world studying with experienced masters, healers, yoga and meditation teachers in Ibiza, Bali, & India. Adam draws knowledge and inspiration from circus arts, traditional Balinese, Indian and Chinese wisdom traditions, massage therapy, yoga, and mediation, to offer his students a unique holistic approach to body mind and spirit, leaving you feeling balanced, energized and centred ready for life. He has educated and taught thousands of people around the world to understand their body, mind and true divine nature. To find more about Adam:

1:00pm to 2:30pm
by Marie-Eve Bertrand from POP SPIRIT

LOLË White tourMarie-Ève Bertrand is certified in yoga since 2010 and is the founder of POP SPIRIT. Every year, she trains the future teachers of SUP Yoga, a practice that is dear to her. She is the instigator of UNDA YOGA™. She is also trained in Mindfulness meditation. Each year, she travels to Hawaii, surfing with the aloha spirit is her thing! In the same vibes there’s the #PopEscapade year-around component who presents various activities including SUP, snowshoeing, meditation, yoga and creative and spiritual workshops.

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