The Singing Psychic Game Show

Written and directed by Marysia Trembecka
Designed by Martin Butterworth

“Can work a crowd like no other” (GrumpyGayCritic)

Direct from London England, The Singing Psychic Game Show makes its grand Canadian debut at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, June 7-16. Renowned as the toast of Edinburgh and Adelaide, The Singing Psychic promises an evening brimming with glittering 70s-style games, toe-tapping tunes and prizes. At Mainline Theatre, ages 16 and up.

The creative force and performer behind the show, Marysia Trembecka is a former bond dealer turned cabaret performer and actor. The Singing Psychic Game Show has captivated audiences worldwide with its blend of comedy and uncanny accuracy. From revealing and performing the melodies in your heart, to dispensing relationship advice, probing life’s deepest questions and inspiring audiences, The Singing Psychic leaves no stone unturned in her quest to entertain and enlighten. The biggest attraction is her spookily accurate (if utterly bonkers) audience readings. The Singing Psychic Game Show is brilliantly bananas. It’s an hour of fun that builds on three years of sell-out Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe shows and four and five star Edinburgh Fringe reviews; a Funny Women Best Show nomination; a European tour; and a special appearance at the official BRIT Awards after- party. The Singing Psychic is also a TEDx speaker.

“Hilarious entertainments, unique look on combining psychic ability with amazing vocals” ★★★★ (Weekend Notes, Adelaide)

Theatregoers can expect a whirlwind of entertainment with a line-up of fabulous team games including psychic Jenga, psychic bingo, audience readings, freeze dance, as well as her own wheel of fortune. Each show is a unique experience fuelled by audience interaction and improvised, heart-warming hilarity. Whether arriving solo or with friends, there’s a place for everyone in The Singing Psychic’s realm of fun and mystery. As The Singing Psychic says “I have just two rules – one is that what I reveal in the room stays in the room, and the other is that I am ALWAYS right.”

“The Singing Psychic was born from a desire to listen to that quiet inner voice and forge one’s own path. What began as a personal journey has blossomed into a global phenomenon, leaving audiences spellbound with laughter and amazement,” shared Trembecka. The Singing Psychic walks through a world of music and reads the songs in people’s hearts. She also does birthday readings based on the songs playing when people were born, as well as her original ‘Four-Tune’ tarot cards with pop songs.

“Fortunes are scarily accurate… I guarantee you’ll have a raging good time” ★★★★ (GreatScott, Adelaide)

And what about The Singing Psychic’s psychic prowess? “The accuracy of the live readings often leaves both audience and journalists gasping in disbelief. However this was completely accidental and a surprise to me too,” Trembecka reveals. “It’s a testament to the show’s magic and the warm connection shared with the audience.” After each show everyone gets a card with the title of their song to guide them through the month.

In addition to her legendary performances, The Singing Psychic plans to unveil a special reading of Montreal’s historic buildings as she hears tunes reverberating in them as well, blending psychic insights with comedic flair. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that promises laughter, enlightenment, and perhaps a glimpse into the city’s soul, just as she did for The Scotsman for Edinburgh.

“I loved Montreal when I came in 2008; then in 2023, I was at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and realized The Singing Psychic needed to read the hearts of Montreal, which is one of, if not the, sexiest cities in the world,” she said.

“Completely bonkers in a good way” ★★★★★ (

Trembecka is half Polish/half English and sees The Singing Psychic as one of her self-proclaimed bio-queen characters, along with her England Arts Council funded, fiercely feminist and LGBTQI character, Queen Of The F*cking World, which looks at the cutting edge of sexual politics. “I am a bio queen and The Singing Psychic is definitely psychic whilst I am not!”

A multifaceted talent who juggles her creative pursuits with flair, Trembecka is a staple at the Cannes Film Festival for the past 10 years, and will again walk the famed red carpet this year to showcase her films in the Cannes Marché and take to the DJ booth for a night of music. Since trading the City (London business district) for the stage, Trembecka has acted in movies and TV, modelled in washing machine ads, and even portrayed the mother of The Vamps lead singer Bradley Simpson in the “Can We Dance” music video.

To purchase your tickets visit:

MainLine Theatre
3997 Blvd. Saint-Laurent, H2W 1Y4

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