The veteran of music comedy has walked the tightrope for almost fifty years.

In 2023 – many comedians are in trouble within a society that practices political correctness more often than correct politics. George Bowser (along with partner Rick Blue of Bowser and Blue fame) are not immune to the viruses that dance the landscape looking to extinguish fun at whatever cost.

‘If Chris Rock would have sung our song Bald is Beautiful says George, he wouldn’t have got into trouble. That wasn’t even his funniest Jada Pinkett-Smith joke. I liked the one where he says ‘ Jada being upset about not attending the Oscars is like me being upset about not getting into Beyonce’s drawers; I was not invited.”

Baldness is very common among men and women and in all the years Rick and George have performed the song live – nobody had a problem. According to George – bald audience members put their heads together and make asses of themselves. George understands the issue of less hair on a woman is more sensitive and also understands Smith was protecting his wife.

“I imitated Jean Chretien to his face.” Explains George. “I was worried because I would be making fun of a disability (Chretien suffered a stroke and speaks from the side of his mouth). Turns out, Jean loves people making fun of him and once the audience realized that – the tension went out of the room.”

A well balanced person should have the ability to laugh at themselves but George admits; he was one of the worst offenders.

“My wife used to put me in my place when I was offended by something someone said. She would say ‘George calm down it’s just a joke.’ If you go to a comedy show, you should expect some off colored joke. Out of that context – it is easier to be offended because you may not be expecting a joke.”

Two songs Bowser and Blue wrote ‘More C*cks’ and ‘The F Word in Canada’ – George was convinced would get complaints but did not. The tune “I’m In Love with a Dyke Called Spike’ did cause a leak.

“Rick found himself surrounded by feminists or lesbians – it’s hard to tell unless they describe who they are. I did not go to Rick’s rescue. That song was about gender and sexuality which is not the same thing as obscenity. I think people are more sensitive to sexuality these days and I try to find out what they are mad about. If it’s a valid reason – I apologize. If the reason is rubbish – we will continue doing it.”

Bowser and Blue sometimes go over the material with organizers and leave certain songs out. At smaller club gigs – the audience (for the most part) love everything they do. Corporate gigs sometimes contain viruses that dance the landscape looking to extinguish fun at whatever cost.

It is 2023. Plus ca change. Plus c’est la même chose.

Bowser and Blue will be performing December 10th at Emma’s Pizzeria in Pte Claire. Dinner at 6pm and show 8pm. Tickets are $55 including Table D’hôte and gratuities. Tax and service charges extra. Tickets available at Eventbrite and Emma’s.