Festival du Monde Arabe presents

Koum Tara

Profound, enchanting, ethereal… Koum Tara creates a sonic world like none other. With music that cuts across genres and eras, this Franco-Algerian group opens up new avenues of exploration. These inspired musicians fuse traditional Algerian chaabi with jazz improvisation, contemporary sounds, and classical string quartet orchestration, for a heady mix of poetry, rhythm and melody.

Each member of Koum Tara brings their own heritage and cultural identity, conjuring a stunningly beautiful musical universe. These disparate influences converge into a spellbinding stream of sound, drawing on traditions of the past yet looking steadfastly towards the future. Featuring improvised piano riffs that veer between harmonious and dissonant, haunting electronic accents, the beauty of the Algerian mandole and the velvet tones of vocalist Hamidou, Koum Tara’s music unfolds in perpetual motion amidst the kaleidoscopic whirl of Karim Maurice’s fluid arrangements.

Cinquième Salle
Friday, November 3, 2023 at 8:00pm

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