MURAL and the City of Montreal unveil a massive temporary public artwork by artist SAYPE on Mount Royal

This gigantic temporary mural painted at the foot of Mount Royal is an original creation by French artist SAYPE, a pioneer of art integrated into natural landscapes. The artist chose Montreal and the MURAL Festival for the latest stage of his world tour, which involves creating immense murals on natural canvases using completely biodegradable paint.

This exceptional achievement promises to enchant the residents and visitors of the metropolis:

Saype artwork

Credit: Saype

“We are thrilled to present SAYPE’s artwork to the Montreal public on the eve of the 11th edition of the Festival. This type of project is a first in Canada and a symbol of the impressive ability of urban art to innovate and transform public spaces!” said Mr. Nicolas Munn Rico, President and Creative Director of the MURAL Festival.

The artwork was produced in one week on a specially landscaped grassy area. This strategic location will offer a panoramic view of the monumental artwork that extends majestically over the landscape of Mount Royal. It is part of the “Beyond Walls” series, a project by SAYPE that has traveled all over the world since 2019, from Paris to New York, Asia, and the Middle East.

Saype artwork in Montreal

Credit: Saype

This monumental project is based on a premise: the world is polarizing, and a part of the population chooses to isolate themselves. However, SAYPE emphasizes, “I am deeply convinced that it is together that humanity can meet the various challenges it must overcome.” It is from this conviction that the desire to share a positive message of solidarity and collective effort around the world was born, symbolically creating the largest human chain ever realized.

“The City of Montreal is proud to have supported MURAL and to welcome SAYPE for the creation of this temporary artwork. By granting them access to Mount Royal Park to carry out such a remarkable project that, despite its magnitude, respects the integrity of the natural environment and showcases it, the MURAL team offers us a major artwork with a meaningful theme,” adds Ms. Ericka Alneus, City Councillor in Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie and member of the executive committee responsible for culture and heritage in the City of Montreal.

The artwork itself was created using natural pigments made out of charcoal and chalk, and will naturally disappear from the park with the growth of grass and future mowing.

To learn more about the Mural Festival visit: 2023 MURAL Festival

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