L’île du savoir, in collaboration with Espace pour la vie, invites you to Parc Jean-Drapeau to celebrate the latest edition of the big science celebration at the foot of the Biosphère. With even more science demonstrations and hands-on activities than ever, as well as an electrifying outdoor programming and a new agri-food component, this 16th edition is sure to ignite some sparks.

Diffusing ENERGY
This year, the theme of Eurêka! is ENERGY, a hot topic that is central to social, economic and environmental issues. Festival-goers will be invited to fill up on knowledge and discoveries about various forms of energy, and to question our consumption of it, as well as its environmental impact.

The Festival will feature ENERGY in many forms: the energy of the body’s cells, piezoelectricity, plasma, hydroelectricity, photovoltaic energy, energy used in sports, in space and in the buildings of the future…energy that we capture, transform, store or redistribute. Eurêka! invites young people and their families to join in nearly a hundred TOTALLY FREE activities. You will also be able to visit the Biosphère for free and enjoy a program prepared especially for the occasion. To the delight of young and old, Stéphane
Bellavance will be on board for the eighth time as spokesperson for the event.

“We can’t emphasize it enough: teaching science provides youth with a better understanding of the world around them and makes them more aware of the impact of their choices on their environment. By shining a spotlight on the major issue of energy, we want young people to really think about the future, because it’s in their hands,” says Yves Mauffette, biologist and chairman of the board of directors of L’île du savoir.

Eurêka!: a Blast of ENERGY
A few highlights of this year’s program: Osedea and SPOT the robot dog from Boston Dynamics will meet the public, Esteban will present the first two-seater solar vehicle in Quebec, Elliot Claveau from MIT will lift the veil on nuclear fusion, Atracktiv will have young and old pedaling to generate electricity and form a musical group, and the circus troupe FLIP Fabrique will deploy its incredible muscular energy!

Returning Festival favourites include Faucon-Éduc and their birds of prey, Mad Science, The Magic of Chemistry, and Neurones atomiques who will explore the main principles of electricity with hair-raising experiments. Festival-goers will also be able to manipulate a catapult, build magnetic robots and wind turbines, prepare edible energy balls and use artificial intelligence to reduce the energy footprint of their travels. All this and more!

The biggest science festival in Quebec
According to Julie Jodoin, Director of Espace pour la vie: “Making science accessible to all, while respecting the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, is a priority for Espace pour la vie. The Eurêka Festival! accomplishes this brilliantly by offering a host of fun and fascinating activities for young and old. The Biosphère will also shine with a special free program for the occasion. What a great way to start the

Fuelling Your Brain and Your Belly
A new addition this year is the Bites of Science Area, presented by the Union des producteurs agricoles, where festival-goers can satisfy their curiosity and their appetite. There will also be two big shows, created and produced by L’île du savoir. The ChimiQuiz!, a quiz game about distinguishing between safe and dangerous chemicals, is offered with the financial support of Health Canada. And the evening show, Science Packs a Punch, will be a duel between two champions of popular science, the incomparable Yannick Bergeron and Stéphane Brouillard.

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