Centaur Theatre presents

At the Beginning of Time

By Steve Galluccio
Directed by Peter Hinton-Davis

What happens when you’re caught between bittersweet memories of youth and the realities of middle age, with only a couple of opinionated old friends to lend you an ear. From the writer of the hit play Mambo Italiano, another sharp-witted look at what it means to be an Italian/Canadian gay man in an ever-changing world.

From the Montreal writer of the hit play The St. Leonard Chronicles and Mambo Italiano.

Three old friends gather and reminisce about the past — the good, the bad, and the outrageous. They talk about everything from boyfriends to Sunday night dinners, backed by a soundtrack of Blondie, the B-52s, and the Village People. Everything bubbles to the surface while memory and loss stir up questions about healing and moving on.

With an open heart, Galluccio has penned a story about his own loves and losses in an unabashed love letter to Montreal. How do you remember your past? At the beginning of time… when everything is fresh and new. Galluccio’s newest play reminds us that memories are like a good shot of espresso: best shared among friends.

Where would Montreal be without Steve Galluccio? His newest work opens with Michael, an Italian man languishing in the ER when his oh-so-irritating friends visit him. With nothing to do but reminisce, we are all transported on a journey back to 1970’s Little Italy for three young gay men, with proper musical accompaniment of course!

“​​At the Beginning of Time is my most personal play since Mambo Italiano. It seems only fitting that 20-some-odd years later I am back at Centaur to share this new chapter. In 2018 my life exploded, and I was forced to re-imagine my existence. I was a gay man in my late 50s who thought his life was settled. Overnight I found myself at the beginning of time, in a new chapter, in a new world, and a new reality. New beginnings are frightening and overwhelming, but if you surrender to the journey, the destination will ultimately be… spectacular. Thank you Centaur Theatre for taking my broken heart and turning it into art. Theatre, much like time, heals all wounds.” – Steve Galluccio

Warning: Strong language is used throughout

Enrich your Experience
Thursday Pre-Show Convo
Make sure to swing by the Gallery on Thursday, February 23 at 7:00 pm as Eda Holmes speaks with At the Beginning of Time design team. Learn about the backstage process, and how the talented designers brought this fascinating story to life.
Saturday Salon
Stick around The Gallery after the Saturday, February 25 matinee for a casual conversation on the play with Eda Holmes. Great theatre provokes and inspires–come share your thoughts with our artistic and executive director.
The Sunday Chat-Up
Come early to Centaur for a stimulating conversation prior to the performance. Sunday Chat-Up on February 26 at 12:30pm hosted by former Editor-in-Chief of the Montreal Gazette, Lucinda Chodan. For this edition, Lucinda speaks with pioneering columnist Richard Burnett about what life was like for a gay man in Montreal in the 1970s.
Talk Backs with the artists
Thursday, March 2 and Sunday, March 5
Don’t miss it! Directly after the performance sit still as the artists will come back on stage for a lively discussion with the audience.

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