La TOHU presents

Diptyque (Instante & Lontano)

by la Compagnie 7Bis

Instante: 30 min
Lontano: 30 min (10-15 min break between the two)

In these two performances, Lontano and Instante, which have the Cyr Wheel as their totem, the two dancers and acrobats Juan Ignacio Tula and Marica Marinoni push the limits of the body, raising several questions: what is the place of our body today? Why do we choose to engage our bodies?

Through the dialogue between flesh and wheel, Marica produces a poignant and hypnotic language before us. Rolling, risking, escaping, turning, deconstructing by dint of blows and falls: Lontano is a challenge to the storm of intoxication, a life impulse, and a hymn to resistance.

In contrast, Juan, in the simplicity of a gyratory and repetitive movement, invites us on a dervish journey; from the blindness caused by the spirals arises the instinct of survival, where the body commits itself to the end, close to the point of inflexion where everything is infinite. Instante is the materialization of this journey to the center of oneself.

These two solos are two sides of the same coin. Juan and Marica lead us to the edge of hypnosis, disrupting our relationship with time and offering us a mirror image of surpassing ourselves and humanity.

Company 7BIS
Between 2015 and 2019, Juan Ignacio Tula developed his projects within the MPTA-Mathurin Bolze company, which notably hosted his first two creations conceived in collaboration with Stefan Kinsman, Somnium and Santa Madera, then his solo, Instante. In 2019, he decided to found an independent company in Lyon to continue his research on the wheel-cyrus apparatus, to think about modes of cooperation between Europe and South America and to promote the circus practice. This will be the Compagnie 7bis.

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