Segal Centre presents

Myth of the Ostrich

Myth of the Ostrich by Matt Murray is a knockout comedy with sharp insight and plenty of laughs. What begins as a social call quickly – and hilariously – takes a bizarre turn.  What follows is a wildly unpredictable afternoon with life-altering consequences.

This comedy opens at the home of Holly, a self-help writer and single-mom to teenager, Jodi. Holly’s morning is interrupted when Pam shows up unannounced. Having found a letter from Jodi to her teenage son, Evan, Pam deems the letter inappropriate and is eager to discuss matters. What starts as a pleasant enough visit between two moms meeting for the first time, quickly becomes a complicated, bizarre and hilarious roller-coaster ride of misunderstandings, as Holly soon realizes that Pam has no idea what’s actually going on between their kids. The mess and confusion of this precarious situation launches into orbit with the arrival of Holly’s outrageous and filter-less best friend, Cheryl. One lie leads to another and another and another, as Holly and Cheryl do everything in their power to try to keep Pam in the dark.

Please note: this production contains some profanity.

In keeping with their commitment to accessibility, on January 14, 8pm d² productions will provide sound enhancement for the benefit of our patrons with hearing loss.

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