A 13th edition of the Luminothérapie installation series comes to the Quartier des spectacles this winter!

Until March 5, 2023, Sainte-Catherine Street West will be decked out with a series of seven illuminated interactive works and four original video projections to delight and amuse families in the open air—with some of the works surrounding Place des Arts!

The new installation Prismaphonik, by Anthony Gagnon Boisvert and William Simard, offers an entertaining musical experience, bringing a symphony of colours to passersby.

Take a stroll through this majestic symphonic installation that reacts to your presence. You’ll discover different facets of colours and music in perfect harmony! Prismaphonik is inspired by synesthesia, the rare and amazing ability to “see” sounds as colours. In this giant orchestra, each prism represents a musician playing their own score. Interestingly, the work performs a real-time calculation of the harmonic ratios in its musical repertoire and transposes them onto the colour wheel to project colours and play music symbiotically.

Nearby, Iceberg by APPAREIL architecture and ATOMIC3—a Luminothérapie classic—sits alongside Les Diamants by Alexis Laurence and Francis Laporte of Perséides studio. These installations are fascinating representations of two of nature’s wonders.

Les DiamantsLes Diamants 
Gemstones like giant spinning tops
Les Diamants dazzle as they reflect sunlight, and shine brightly when lit up at night. From a distance, this elegant interactive artwork draws your eye, inviting the public to get closer and make the structures turn. Their movement produces a melody along with a kaleidoscopic array of shimmering rays and dots. Each Diamant has its own distinctive colour and tune. When you get together with other people to make the modules spin, the installation produces a harmonious waltz of music and light, a thrill for your eyes and ears.

Come see them on the Esplanade at Place des Arts – it’s free of charge and open to all from 10am to 11pm.

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