TOHU presents

Ghost Light: Between Fall and Flight

by Machine de Cirque

The curtain falls. The theater is plunged into darkness. Only one light is watching: the maid, also called “Ghost Light”. The ghosts that inhabit the place are attracted to her. Recovering the energy of a past life, they push each other, push each other away, have fun, tear each other apart and embrace again.

Ghost Light: Between Fall and Flight makes the invisible visible. After more than ten years of collaboration on stages all over the world, Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario take us into a captivating story where acrobatic prowess, choreography, ghostly lights and live music are combined. They offer a personal look at life as a duo. The tilt propels them towards each other in the euphoria of flight, the lightness of weightlessness and the fatality of the fall. Let yourself be touched by this story that goes beyond words.

“These two artists have worked together for 12 years. They have gone to the extreme of their discipline and have shown remarkable tenacity.” – Journal de Québec (Canada), 2020

“They sign an intimate work, where the clear disputes with the obscure. A disarming virtuosity at the service of their story of acrobats.” – Les Trois coups (France), 2020

Machine de Cirque is a circus company from Quebec City that offers a high dose of vertiginous prowess, strong emotions, poetry, intelligence and humor through the production of innovative and original circus shows. Its ingenious and deeply human creations skillfully combine high-level contemporary circus with musical and theatrical performances. Always carried by this unifying vision, Machine de Cirque’s proposals touch and move by a unique approach of the circus art.

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