Les 7 Doigts presents

My Island, My Heart

What makes one fall in love with a city? What makes one decide to stay, reclaim it as their own, as their home?

In My Island, My Heart, Les 7 Doigts uses their signature fusion of acrobatics, theatre, dance and multimedia to tell the story of a foreigner who has relocated to Montreal. Initially following a love interest, that relationship soon disintegrates, and yet the relationship with the city itself continues to flourish, and proves enduring. Our protagonist followed one love but found another: a veritable true love for Montreal itself.

My Island, My Heart – written and directed by Shana Carroll and featuring no less than ten performers. Presented as an immersive circus cabaret, the show celebrates our beloved city in the river, its pounding, thriving cultural pulse, its intriguing contradictions, its unique beauty.

This exciting show will inaugurate the new Studio-Cabaret at Espace Dt-Denis.

To purchase your tickets visit: www.espacestdenis.com or call 514-790-1111 or 1-800-848-1594

Espace Dt-Denis
1594 Saint-Denis street
Montreal, H2X 3K2