Montrealers Rally for More Research and Better Access to Life-Saving Treatments and Care at the 14th Annual Montreal Multiple Myeloma March

Every day, 11 new Canadians are diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a little-known and incurable form of blood cancer, also known as myeloma.

While myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer, few people have ever heard of it. Myeloma affects a type of immune cell called the plasma cell, found in the bone marrow. The reality is that the number of Canadians living with myeloma is on the rise, increasing the urgent need for greater investment in and access to life-saving treatments and care.

Myeloma MarchTo help raise awareness and funds for myeloma, as well as better access to life-saving treatments and care, Montrealers will be participating in the14th annual, 5 km Montreal Multiple Myeloma March on October 2, 2022, at 10 am, at John Abbott College.

“Every year, we’re getting closer to finding a cure,” says Martine Elias, Executive Director of Myeloma Canada. “That’s why the funds raised at the Montreal Multiple Myeloma March are so critical. They help to keep myeloma research moving forward and to improve the lives of Canadians impacted by this devastating disease.”

Myeloma Canada’s Multiple Myeloma March is a vital nation-wide event that raises money and awareness for the disease, while bringing local communities closer together in support of one another. Without the funds raised at each of these essential Marches, important investments in myeloma research and drug access would be compromised.

About the Multiple Myeloma March
The Montreal Multiple Myeloma March is one of 34+ communities across the country participating in Myeloma Canada’s nation-wide event. For Canadians not located near a physical March or who wish to participate on their own, there is also a virtual March option. The Montreal Multiple Myeloma March has set a financial goal of $60,000. Nationally, Myeloma Canada’s March aims to raise $750,000. For more information, visit:

To learn more, or to donate, please visit

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