Pool (No Water)

September 1-15, 2022

Pool (No Water) is a hyper-contemporary portrayal of the absurd lengths to which we go to achieve success.

Persephone Productions returns after a two year hiatus with Pool (No Water), a contemporary reframing of Mark Ravenhill’s visceral and intoxicating exploration of youth, ambition, art and envy.

 A group of young artists have dreams of making it big. When one of them eventually finds success, the others are left to contemplate their own ambitions, talent, and the envy gnawing at their friendship–until this group member invites them all to her luxurious home to celebrate their bond. For one night only, the group is back together. But celebrations come to an abrupt end when the host suffers a horrific accident. Through crisis, an almost unthinkable plan starts to take shape: could her suffering be their next work of art? Pool (No Water) is a visceral and shocking play about the ways in which our ambition, creative identity and humanity intertwine and conflict. The play begs the questions, what does it mean to make art? What are we willing to sacrifice in the name of success?

Directed by incoming co-artistic directors Leila Ghaemi and Rebecca Gibian, and showcasing local emerging talent.

Trigger Warnings: strong language, mild adult themes, strobe lighting

To purchase your tickets visit: www.segalcentre.org

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